I got a Liebster Award Nomination!

Namaskara all me hearties!

Life just got better with a Liebster Award Nomination by a charming young lady, Adity Roy. She’s an avid traveler and is on course to scale the map of the subcontinent, and more! And what greater fun to know someone who loves traveling and food! Thank you ever so much, Adity, for going through my blog and considering it worthy of recognition!

So basically, the nominees for the award need to answer a set of 11 questions and let the blessed soul who nominated them know that they have poured their heart out! 🙂 And nominate the next three bloggers who they think are doing some amazing writing!

Without further ado, here are my responses to the 11 posers


  1. Do you have a travel talisman? If yes, then what is it?

Yes. Inquiry and anticipation.

   2. Have you ever lost your way and found yourself in a totally deserted place with strange people? If yes, then how did you deal with it?

I’ve only lost my way on the streets of Bangalore, but people were all the same across the city, though they are strange!

  3. If there was one famous traveler you could be, then who would it be?

Ibn Batuta

4. What’s your favorite mode of transportation – walking, bikes, or local transport?

Trains, followed by motorcycling

5. I miss my nail paints, my footwear and my dog when I am travelling. What do you miss?

Not sure if I miss anything. I even carry books, so I don’t miss them either. Probably some bit of writing (and reading too)

6. What inspires you to keep travelling other than the passion of travelling?

Souvenir shopping! Ok i’m kidding. Who doesn’t want to see how people eat, talk, work and play around the world

7. ‘Into the Wild’ or ‘Eat.Pray.Love’?

Into the Wild

8. Out of all the places you have been to, which one is your favourite? Any place you hate or wouldn’t ever wish to go back to?

Chicago. Need to travel a lot more to have a hate list

9. How old were you when you made your first big trip and where was it?

 I did a grand South India trip.

10. Northern Lights or Pulpit Rock

Pass, for now

If you weren’t a blogger, then what do you think you would have been?



The blog I’d like to nominate for the award is

Salil Lawande – lawandesalil.wordpress.com






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