5 Reasons Why You Should Read a Lot (better stuff than crap like this!)

But of course, you will have come across any number of write-ups extolling the virtues of reading. Some of them sounding really grave, many of them of downright patronizing, and a bigger chunk absolutely driven by motives!  Say, urging you to read whitepapers, available for free downloads! They want you to read, they want you to be knowledgeable, they want you to apply thought, but also want you to do business with them. Choose to ignore them, and they will bombard you with many more such samples. Content blitzkrieg eh? Heck, you even have books on why reading will transform you!

So, if there has been a barrage of literature on why reading is good, there sure must be some good souls lapping them all up and resolving to walk around with a book in hand the very next minute on. So, I guess there’s no harm in adding my two cents (or five?).


Here are 5 reasons why I believe one needs to be read like crazy. And no, I’m not including reading on the fly, or simply, online reading.

  1. The last line above.  Everyone accesses the internet where anything goes in the name of writing. Read a paperback or a hardcover edition, and you automatically get a brand of erudition. Some invisible tattoo sort of thing.
  2. Reduce degrees of separation. For all the ridiculous ideas you may harbor, there is surely one other individual at least in this world, who does more than merely think like you. And who doesn’t like to feel vindicated anyway?
  3. Get a sleeping aid.  Now please don’t throw the obvious question at me. ‘If you like reading so much, how can you slump over a book?’. Well that’s the beauty of books my friend.  More importantly you need to have an eclectic set of books on standby at any given time.  Books that suit your mood. Sample prescription.  Prop yourself up by a cozy pillow and try ‘Idea of Justice’ by Amartya Sen, every night.
  4. Give flight to your imagination. Now seriously, ask yourself what arouses you more. A detailed narration of how people got into each other’s pants or a steamy movie that lasts a whole minute. Oh, have I really swallowed my foot? Before you nod your ever ready  heads in agreement, spare a thought for long lasting impressions. Now, may I excuse myself from ensuing talks of fondling the flagpole?
  5. Be a quote machine. If you think you have a great memory, you should really consider reading  A LOT. You could reel off snide one-liners by conceited jerks, with equal flourish and gusto.