Why institutional shortchange hits you where it hurts most

Because you are in a theoretically reciprocal relationship with them, but know that most often it’s not they who’ll get fucked

Because you can only fire pellets at them, while they can hear the last of you with a single rocket-launcher discharge

Because as a reasonable individual, you can only think and act fairly conscientiously, while they can gaily indulge in fantastic ascriptions

Because you can call it quits only to assuage your ego, but they can boot you out with humble pie to boot

Because you can tell the world they are wrong, but they can make the world believe you are wrong

Because you have money to lead your life and your family’s, but they have money to screw many lives

Because you are a sucker to corporate seduction, and they can continue to charm many more till kingdom come

Because you can only write about it now and feel lighter, while they can decide to keep you light as long as they want


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