One percent bad work, ninety nine percent conspiration

Our people are a truly inexplicable lot. How else can you explain our vacillating responses to some of the most unfortunate events around us? While we are subjected to a constant onslaught of alarmist pronunciations about the evil world we have inherited, we come across a sizeable chunk of the same despairing populace that loves to attribute all bad to conspiracies and concomitantly, all good to fortune.

The  brutal rape and murder of a Bangalore call center employee by her cabbie in 2006 may still be fresh in the memory of the Indian IT and ITeS workforce. The crime expectedly rocked the industry and had sent the transport business scrambling to salvage its reputation. People from all walks of life joined the media in duly raising alarms with rings of ‘It could’ve been me, my sister or you!’ and in lambasting the callousness of the powers that be. Which is very typical of any spectacle. If you had conducted a survey, you would’ve mostly stared at the results you expected to see, till you got chatty with some of the individuals of the sample.

‘It was all pre-meditated saar! Her husband plotted the murder. The cabbie had plenty of options if he’d only wanted to gratify his senses’

 ‘He wasn’t even a driver. He was hired for this’

The thug was rounded up in no time and he’s likely languishing in prison at this point in time. I haven’t really read the latest on that incident. So, while we can take heart to the existence of some semblance of justice, we are still faced with ‘Why did people gossip the way they did?’ A crime is a crime, and a most heinous one at that. Are we blind to the writing on the wall? There are more than clear indicators of the depravity of the younger lot, the increasing aspiration among the labor class for all things accessible by the privileged, and extreme contempt among lowly beings against the urban well-to-do.

Rape and murder are crimes mostly inflicted upon individuals, and anything on a larger scale would be tantamount to massacre. That said, let us quickly look at something that has cursed the mankind over the last century. If there’s an acronym that all of humanity dreads, it is AIDS. Schools, colleges, governments and all of media is abuzz with countless material on what causes the fatality and how we must exercise caution in all that we do to escape its clutches. Yet, you may find it amusing to hear about claims that AIDS was created by a group similar in intent and operations to that of the CIA1. With the ostensible motive of genocide and/or population control.

Now, the cabbie may have executed his part of the contract, if there was indeed one, though my gut refuses to buy that tripe. Nor has it been proved on paper that AIDS is no way the outcome of deliberations in a secret laboratory. But what’s really remarkable is how a large section of us like to believe there are dark forces waging a constant battle against light. I would go with that line too. Dark forces abound yes. But are these individuals and covert organizations and religious zealots and the like? Or are these really agents of evil entrenched deep in our complex minds?

1 – From the very friendly and reliable Wikipedia