The game

“Let’s play Bo-peep”, said Ray.

“What’s that?” asked Dey

“We’ll take turns in covering our face with our palms, and look out suddenly”


“That’s the point of the game”

“I’ll go first”




“Ray, where are you?”

“What are you hollering his name for?” asked Kay, who came by.

“I don’t see him around, that’s why”

“Why not go look around for him?’

“I’m not supposed to. It’s a game we were playing”

“Ah, the games people play!”

“It’s a simple one and kind of fun”

“Yeah, childishly simple.  What was the point of it?”

“To see who scares better”


“You see”

“The game isn’t. The thought is”

“Which is..?”

“That you are invited to scare people”

“And what’s scary about it”

“No wonder you agreed to play this. Did you get scared when he looked out?”

“I went first”


“Why don’t you tell me?”

“What is apparent isn’t always real”

“You’re losing me”


“OK. But you don’t want to see me losing it”

“Alright. When you think you’re alone, you are being watched. And when you think you have company, you’re left in the lurch”

“I think I see it now. Thank God, there are a few things that I can cheer about”


“You, for instance. You came for me”

“You think so? I came to get my money back from Ray”

“Oh! Appreciate your telling me things in time of loss”

“I haven’t lost anything”

“What about your money”

“That was for a job”

“Done with it?”

“Almost. Wait, I had something to show you.” Gropes in his bag he’s slinging. “Ah, here it is. Say cheese, sweetie”

“That’s a gun!”

“Yessh, my heartie” …. “BANG!”


“You thought well. I came for you indeed”




One thought on “The game

  1. Hi Anoop,

    I liked this piece. Its not perfect but I like the way it goes and how it plays. There is potential and maybe you can extend this into a longer short story from the flash form that it currently is in. Well a derivative work of sorts, cannibalizing on your own stories to create another. Again, liked it. Do more. 🙂 Cheers and godspeed. Salil.

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