Inertnet…er, Internet!!!

Fifty two weekends are how many we have in a year. If you happen to work with a multinational money spinner or with a smaller outfit serving business houses in the western hemisphere that prefer to talk strategy back on their shores, chances are high that you will be spared of the grind on Saturdays too. That makes it like hundred and four days for yourself, given the fact that you will likely be left during weekdays with  time just enough to help avert a smelly appearance of yourself at work.

This is no exposition on the characteristics of the seemingly pleasurable weekends versus the hugely unpopular weekdays, while there might be some spill over on those lines unintentionally, in the following lines.

Upon conducting a casual survey of several folks who work in such esteemed organizations about what they do on weekends, the most common response I received was that they don’t do anything really. Simply catch up on lost sleep. Perfectly understandable. So, slumber on all day? Most day sounds more like it. And what occupies their lives for the residue of the day? Home entertainment in all probabilities, I venture guessing.  Television, if you will. And before realization dawns that little else has been achieved, its dusk already. That leaves them with another day. Sunday, the real holiday! So, it’s the rightful holiday and one would make the most of it. Late breakfast or the more convenient brunch.  And setting the house in order, before setting the mood to overcome the morose evening that precedes a painful Monday morning trip to the workplace.  So, what about the many things they wanted to shop for? We certainly aren’t in a socialist regime, to have stores downing shutters on Sundays. Good housekeeping and pre-work meditation apart, what is it that holds us from riding over to the central business district? Traffic? Common logic would suggest that the Sunday traffic shouldn’t be any worse than that of the weekday. So, where lies the inertia?

Convenience, thy name is Internet my friend! for home delivery of veggies, for the latest bestseller, Watch- for the blockbuster of your choice, and for comfortable under things.  A click and you have things at your doorstep. Perhaps you’d want to save time to drag your feet to the dentist? If you were in the US, you probably would have considered Online dental consultation. What is it that doesn’t warrant an online transaction? The games probably. Over in this part of the world, it is mostly cricket, and there’s a more-than-generous dose of the game every month, and so much of live cricket on the television that unless you are a true fan of the game, you’d rather save yourself the pleasure of getting jostled in the stands.

There are no insinuations to a perfectly sedentary lifestyle here, as there are scores who head out on weekends and do themselves a world of good. But the general tendency is to stay in. To stay logged in. After all, it’s the age of the internet. Hope I spelt it right. Or was it really inertnet?

A jog down the lane can make people see some light, and have some air? A jog down the memory lane too, if it reminds them of simpler days of yore!