Passive, yet passionate!

When’s the last you tried something for the sheer love of it and by the time you were done, realized that you’d have been better off not attempting it? A passion that took the shade of an ordeal eventually? Obliged your younger friends anytime for a game of cricket for old times sake, and because you were mad about Tendulkar and Dravid during college, when the overriding fact was that you were holding the bat for the first time in many decades? I wouldn’t be way off the mark in guessing you would’ve had not a very easy time holding on to the crease.  Or when fielding, you probably wished hard to see the end of innings at the earliest?

Welcome to the world of forgettable comebacks. If the last time you’d felt great about your crooning was in the school choir, and you had a go at singing recently only to realize that your rendition sounded like anything but the number you had intended to belt, don’t worry much as you are in the company of countless. Oh yeah, we will salute your spirit and read a quick citation to honor your valiant attempt. But the fact remains that, without practice, your first time in ages reminded you of your humble self. Your focus, if I’m not wrong, was on getting through the end of the song, and in bringing some semblance to the original, and not to bask in the thought that you were pursuing your passion. So, though it was a start, it was a terrible one. Why on earth did you have to do it then, if you went unprepared? Probably it was an opportunity you didn’t want to let go, you probably wanted a change from the monotony of the dreary 9-6 weeks, you probably just tried your luck, or it’s also likely that you just wanted to update your Facebook status letting the world know that you sang for an audience! Let’s have you update your status now, stating that you didn’t even get ranked due to the organizers’ inability to accommodate so many hundreds of participants in the list. Maybe you still would, to get some comments, a few empathetic and a few sympathetic, many unobtrusive ‘like’s and an occasional comment of envy.

Very recently, I was in a situation not too different. And no, I’m not going to talk at length about it, as these words will find their way into my blog, which is of course a very important social medium. I have always believed to have quizzing in my blood, inexplicably so. Self anointed quizzer, so to say. OK, let me be fair to myself and tell you that I have won a handful of quizzes, a couple in high -school and a couple in college. Not exactly a handful, you would argue. Countable in no time. Let’s not get into the specifics, please! So yeah, I had that bit of curiosity which got me somewhere then. But as years passed, reading took a backseat and it was only the headlines of the day that I preferred being hit by. Unearthly working hours and hectic schedules, partying and family, and all of that jazz, killed my quizzing instincts slowly but surely.

The Landmark quiz held every year on the First of November is an event true to its name, on the landscape of Bangalore. Suffice to say that I and my mate fit the bill of what one of the teams had brilliantly but inappropriately named themselves as – Insignificant Others. And to think that I compelled my friend to head out with me on a lazy holiday! On hindsight, I figured that I was probably at my meanest best, to have inflicted that suffering on him. Well, so much for the love of quizzing!

So, where does it all leave us? Square one?  Certainly.  Intellectually enriched? Maybe. Inspired. I have my reply. What’s yours?







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