Stuffed and Loaded

The home theatre, true to its name, is a great way to watch movies and sport at home. My uncle had a purchased a new Bose home theater system and it was an opportunity I grabbed with both hands when he invited me over to watch the Cricket World Cup finals. We all know what a humdinger of a match that was, but the fun was doubled when we had before us many bags of chips, an equal number of cola cans and also a few buckets of popcorn. Watching crucial finals with such accompaniments is indeed a great way to experience the game.

The first innings had us fairly upbeat about our chances of clinching the final. Our bowlers did a fairly decent job of restraining the score from reaching mammoth proportions. We munched on the chips and popcorn with cheerful abandon, every couple of minutes. And the cola was just flowing. Anyone would think there was an orgy going on. We were all so loaded, but nothing could get us off our seats, as the match was in such smooth progression. When the Sri Lankan innings was through, we spent the half hour that followed, discussing strategy. I don’t recall discussing cricket strategy ever, but a world cup finals match with India running a strong favorite warranted all behavior so typical of an ardent cricket fanatic. With our minds completely on the game, we trooped back into the drawing room to watch the remaining innings. The great Indian innings.

Virendar Sehwag was out for a duck, and it was so unbelievable. Then Tendulkar, for all the hopes we had pinned on him, gave a catch to Sangakkara, and walked back to the pavilion for a meager 18. Like most other casual cricket viewers, I began to let my hopes loose. At that moment I realized that I couldn’t hold myself on the couch any longer and headed to the restroom. I hadn’t visited my uncle’s house in a year till then, but when I entered the toilet, it was such a welcome moment for me. As I relieved myself blissfully, I looked around the elegantly done up bathroom in the next cubicle. The toilet was really clean and the room freshener really made me feel better. Much better than the thought about India’s impending loss to Sri Lanka. I zipped myself up, used the flush (which was a very elegant looking one again) and washed myself at the sink. Really, the trip to the toilet was never more welcome. All cleaned up, I flopped on the couch and looked at the TV with some trepidation. I don’t recall how long I was stuck in the restroom, but back on the field, Gambhir and Kohli were putting up a brave show and our hopes just stopped short of getting dashed!



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