>Stars and Stripes

>America! America!!
Whence came the love of this land?
Chances aplenty they say;
Prod ‘em long and they’d say
Chances aplenty but they take.
Greenbacks have turned us green
The trend can’t be turned by any hand.
If your folks are in America seen,
simply know if they are at the Bay
and ask if they’d ever come back to Motherland!

>For the Ball

>‘Twas a weekend the world couldn’t wait for;
‘twas a game none could miss for
‘twas against a side the most pined for;
History were the Albicelestes made of
The Deutschen, as steady as a rock and full of
determination were. The latter hammered one
after the other. Four to zero and they’d sure won.
Upsets marked 2010. The quarters said them all.
Game after game, the titans were but made to fall.
The finale next Sun is something we simply are waiting for.