>A Weak Two Weeks

>The day of the delivery of the big project was two weeks away. The client was nervous, given that the whole business worked on the offshore model, and sending critical and highly visible work to the East was apparently a gamble for them.

The run up to the D-day was not extremely hectic and there was plenty of time to plan the execution out. Things had gone without a hitch so far. And that’s perhaps why the nerves of the blessed soul working on the project were all bundled up. The calm before the storm is generally eerie and this was no exception. Roy, working solely for the client, was ever mindful of Monday the 10th. He had only himself to parley with, for that alone seemed to work well to iron out uncertainties.

“Heck, I shouldn’t let these people down, but there’s so much of data that there’s bound to be a miss somewhere!” said Roy. “But what makes you think you’re going to miss something?” This was the collective voice of his nerves, which were actually putting up a brave act of composure. “Well, the tone of the clients is very alarmist and panicky.” His nervous system dropped guard for a moment, but came back with a reassuring, “You know that’s the way they are. It’s not them you’re worried about, but the output at the end. Just think the data is most critical to you.” Our friend thought he felt better and resumed his work. Before long, it was weekend and Roy watched films and birds. It was now Monday and there was still a week to go. The emails were all harmless, save for one, which really didn’t mean harm. “Hi Roy, you know we have a week to go and I hope everything is on course?” This time, Roy’s nerves broke the silence. “Man, you’re sure you’ve got everything covered?” He was now at his irresolute best. He revisited all the files and put automated quality checks in place, but wasn’t at peace anyway. Roy felt his nervous system had only served to make his days terrible.

It was consequential that he resolved to wreck his nerves, obviously in sub consciousness. It’s the next weekend already now and time to rebuild all of it, if only for dear life that would be at stake come Monday.