>Flash Fiction

>Wikipedia says “Flash fiction is fiction of extreme brevity. There is no widely accepted definition of the length of the category. Some self-described markets for flash fiction impose caps as low as 300, while others consider stories as long as 1000 words to be flash fiction”.

The following is the first of my attempts at this form of writing. Looking forward to brickbats, along with bouquets!


>Of Glances!

>Yesterday, I rented this film from the local rental. The store chap was no more in the know about it than I was. It was not the most popular one to have hit the screens, but had made some noises when it was released. With an intriguing name as ‘Loubonamy’ for an English flick which meant gibberish at best, I was quite eager to watch it at the first available opportunity. I had decided against surfing the internet to read more, given that it was common knowledge that it had abysmal rating on IMDB.

Eara, my beloved and a greater film buff than me, was almost getting done with the wooly she was knitting. Loubonamy reining our thoughts, we were done with our prior occupations very soon and all set to get the film started. A thought gradually came over. Was it one of those B-movies that came and went under the guise of parallel cinema? I didn’t want to counter Eara’s knowing glances in the next few minutes if it was indeed so. She wasn’t loath to sexual matters in any way, but certainly wouldn’t want to end a Saturday evening reserved for great cinema with repulsive images of lust. The credits started to roll. I noticed that the film had not been made by any of the studios I could recognize. Taking my optimism to greater heights, I reckoned that it was perhaps made by extremely creative & independent film makers who didn’t win great support from the big bosses.I stopped concentrating on the names and began an impatient wait for the real picture, as the images in the background now were generally of little spots of light flashing on and off.

The film started spectacularly, with a car chase. But when the talking happened, it was English all right, but with a more-than-liberal dose of seemingly meaningless words. Eara said she wanted it on pause, while I could check the internet for what it really was all about. Google search led us to a website that congratulated on our being some millionth visitors to a one-stop-shop for all ‘accessories’!

I did get Eara’s glances after all!