>“Plenty sits still, hunger is a wanderer!” The Zulus of South Africa were a wise lot apparently, given the punch they’ve packed in the simple yet powerful quote in the preceding line.

Indeed, the quote seems to hold true for X these days. As the handful of people who know him would agree, his appearances are in no way suggestive of his ever increasing appetite. Till a few months ago, X was as thin as a stick, had hairy hands and bent shoulders. And he used to just nibble at the food on his plate. We could vouch for rats to be better players at the game! Came June, and what gripped him was the fever that has caught the fancy of the young brigade en masse’ these days. He started attending the local gymnasium, as he says, to ‘stay fit and healthy’. Really, wasn’t his move suspiciously suggestive of his desire to bulk up and get a sculpted body in the meantime?

Cut to the present, and X’s got a figure not-too-bad. He could do better with a more regular workout. But this in itself has brought about a sea change in his desire to eat. His breakfast spread reminds you of the imperial one at the manor. And his time at the table runs long enough for the first morsel he took to have already gone halfway in the digestion process. That’s not all. Psychology happens to guide his ever growing hunger pangs. The advice of his psyche would read something to the following effect; “Hey, don’t you forget that you are gymming, son! Think about all the calories you burn, and how much more you need to be taking in. Have you been able to go beyond the 12 pound barbell? It wouldn’t be a surprise if you start losing weight instead of gaining!” Sounding as it does, like a warning from the skies, X goes about with single minded dedication in laying his hands on anything edible, till he’s stuffed to the neck! With the belly fully fed, he sets on his way to work on a cab ride that serves to aid quicker digestion of his morning’s intake. No sooner is he done with the greetings and other niceties before starting work for the day, than he realizes it’s lunch time. Strictly speaking, his hunger hasn’t returned yet, but it’s all in the mind you see! His colleagues are satisfying their hunger, and he thinks he should follow suit as well. But at the table, his way of consumption is a sight to behold! X takes in the stuff in a way which would amaze the most aloof of cattle. And his expressions would be akin to that of womenfolk during their defining moment!

With a fully loaded pack below his chest and not an iota of space left for anymore, our friend slogs through the afternoon. His instincts tell him to skip the snack early in the evening when others go, for fear of a ruptured stomach. He isn’t a binge eater anyway, is he? The status quo is short lived it appears. There’s an hour left for the end of day, but X is back to hungry ways! When he returns home, all that his folks can read on his face is hunger. Hell, he could eat a horse, his expression says! Well, he’s given a fair quantity and certainly not the steed from the stables! He’s done with ‘dinner’ as his folks would have him believe. But there’s more to come, as the satisfied half moon is yet to grow between his years! Very soon everyone’s called it a day, and X tiptoe to the kitchen and checks to see if there’s anything stomach-worthy in the cool confines of the refrigerator!
If we’ve observed, there’s been a slow but sure transfer of power. Hunger indeed has taken over the mind!



2 thoughts on “>Stomacracy!

  1. >Hey Anoop,I dont completely agree that hitting to gym has a direct psychological effect on the food intake. Hunger takes over the mind only when food is taken to satisfy the mind and not the body or stomach. It is a stimulation by the mind to eat even when one isn't hungry. This is just a desire and not hunger which makes one eat and this is not an appetite in true sense. This is may be caused by release of adrenaline hormone. But an actual workout be it a gym or regular exercise does creates the appetite in the true sense as the body needs energy. So if you really feel the other way and want to watch out your intake and keep hunger at bay, then start munching on nuts and other protein and fatty stuffs which will control your hunger and fear of paunch

  2. >X==We know who!! And what do "X"'s folks say about the "hungry" look?But frankly, what's the deal about bulking up? The whole world is devoted to the dictum "Lean Mean machine". I wonder why is "X" obsessed with bulking up…

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