>Not-too-Young, Free & Single

>It takes a lot of convincing to let know that you’re better off single.

Living and working in your hometown, with your parents, is such a cool thing. Especially, if it’s a place like Bangalore, it can only get cooler! I’m trying to go beyond the obvious reasons – economic freedom and general security. This is not a bold and controversial statement I’ve proposed to make. And the previous two lines are not a blanket rule to every other individual around. Folks who are born and bred in Bangers typically would relate to my thoughts, a wee bit at least. And a chap who’s been to and done things at places that typically mark the essence of the cosmopolis the city is, wouldn’t disagree heavily either.

I don’t intend to write a eulogy on Bangalore, but I think it sounds good to set some very basic records straight. You see, Bangalore is not all about good software jobs & better pay cheques, multi-cuisine options and a great many places to booze. The city also serves to address needs somewhere higher up in Maslow’s famed hierarchy. I’ve seen social networking (not those internet sites, silly!) happening with such effortlessness that it’s just amazing to one’s mind. This of course, bearing in mind our labyrinthine social structure. Then you have languages. From vernacular Indian languages to French & German to Russian to Mandarin, options are aplenty. I picked languages, because they are the primary gateway to any culture worth its name. And then the numerous forums. For the book lovers, movie buffs, writers, quizzers, adventurers, motor bikers, lead guitarists, ikebana specialists and more, there are myriad avenues. Tai-chi, Jiujutsu, Kalari are just a few of the exotic martial arts taught here. To cut a long story short, the point is there’s so much to discover and enjoy in a city that carries a global image. The chap who went to and did things at the great places would surely not be an idler without a penny to part with. If you are someone who believes in following your heart and doing things dearer to it, you’ll see that the advantages of living with family are various and tangible.

For many, thoughts evolve as they get exposed to newer ideas. They don’t take things lying down, and would not mind challenging the most widely accepted theories. Perhaps an evolution to this extent may not have been possible a couple of decades earlier. People who didn’t think seriously about the way they wanted to direct their lives now have so much more meat in their thought.

Amorous relationships, unless they are equal to those of commitment, are not bound by rules of extreme patience and empathy. For, in an ‘evolved’ climate, everyone has in place, his or her own plans of carrying their lives. The idea of true love is reserved for ‘the ideal situation’, it appears. And for a commitment to happen, you need to know for sure what the other person’s scheme of things is. If that’s not to be, in the hustle and bustle of the big city, isn’t it pointless to go looking for love, with the apparent objective of tying the knot for the long term?

It’s not half as difficult putting such thoughts to paper, as it is trying to put across the same ideas while speaking with family and friends, face to face.

Really, it takes a lot of convincing to let know that you’re better off single!