>About Time Too…

Its two months into the New Year now, and you can see people talking about the end of the first half already. A bloke who joined an organization around this time last year would say he’s almost a year and half old in the firm. It’s a good half of the year that you know you’re coming to the end of, in no time. And that, my friend, largely exemplifies the age old idiom, “time flies”!
It’s remarkable how psychology influences beliefs about efflux of time. We’d attended the wedding of this buddy of ours in the winter of 2007. And by last summer, he comes home bringing news that he’s a soon-to-be father. There has been no anticipation in the entire process of childbirth obviously, but the moment we heard him out, we were wondering if it was really nearing nine months since he tied the knot! While there was no doubt that we were not time warped, we were also convinced that here was a chap who made things happen, on the double! If this was something not everyone can relate to, bang-on, our beloved government’s hundredth day celebrations should be a better example. You have barely voted them into power, than they start their celebrations, ‘beautifying’ the city in the process. Banners, buntings, cut outs and what not. Of course, hundred days are up in fact, and we the people fail to watch them tick in the hustle and bustle of life.
There are many who aver that time goes by quick, as a function of an individual’s busyness. But hey, we do know people who are, err, great thinkers. Those who have points aplenty, to ponder over. Ask them if they are happy with the time they have with them, and they’d say “You think so? Barely have I started getting my ideas right than its noon!” A writer who “added a comma in the morning, and removed it by evening”, hardly has time to overcome his writer’s block!
Running a race against time, for 27 years now, I can safely bet that time takes a break, only in our mind. In our mind, when our wait for something gets unending. When all we want to see is tomorrow. It’s time’s way of saying “you’re yet to live the day today, my friend! What’s the hurry?” After all, everyday counts!